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Why Iphone 5 has so many cosmetic issues?

I'm a big fan of Apple and used Apple products since the Iphone 3G came out. Every time when Apple released new product, it was great gift for myself. I purchased them and loved all devices. However, I am very disappointed becasue of unlocked Iphone 5 which I paid almost $680 on each device. I exchanged 17 times and just backn to 4s. I'm legit and telling you all about my journey on unlocked Iphone 5.


The first time that I purchased 5 was last December by using online apple store. The product has scratches on back and nicks on sides. So, I returned and got another one. However, it has same issues and makes me feel nervous. I visit to Nashiville Green Hills Apple store and exchanged 4 times infront of agent, because of same issues. Even, they have dust in camera lens and something shaking inside of the phone. The shaking sound was from the battery which is not sticking inside and make sounds. I returned them all and just left.


About a month later, I heard from my friend that Apple fixed those issues. I was stupid that I believed him. Frankly, it takes 2 hours and 15 minutes to get to Nashville Green Hills Apple store from my place. I went to Apple to get another one and opened 3 in front of them again. Dust in camera lens, scratches on front screen, scratches on inside of screen, scratches on back, nicks on side and back, home button scraches, battery fell out and making sounds are what I had it from them in cycle.


Well, since last week, my school started spring break. So, me and my friends went to Florida Orlando and Pensacola to get some relax out from school. We decide our mind to visit Apple and find the perfect device which doesn't have any issues. So, we started from online and got one. The screen was left sided with few scratches on back. We exchanged one from Nashville, but it has dust on camera. We stopped by Atlanta premiere mall and got another one and had another dust in camera and scratches on front. Finally, we arrived Orlando and visit the mall to get one. The agent asked me "is the dust in lense effect your photo? why don't you use it? its affordable to take it as new one." I said, "definitely, dust can effect my photo. The dust can make shadow on my photo where the light came from. Also, do you think scratches and dust in camera is the normal for Apple products? if you were me, will you use it as paying $700 in this condition?" He said, "No, well.. I will get another one." I got it from them and left to Disney World to check in. I opened that one at night and another dust came out from lens. So, on my back way from vacation, I visit Birmingham The Summit Apple store. They checked my device and brought new one. I opened it in front of them and nicks, scratches and dust in camera came out. I just asked them to my money back and they are sending me a check by mail. the last place we visit was Nashville which is on our way back home. We asked them, if there is some issues on iphone5 I would just purchase 4s. We opened 5 and find some nicks with scrathes. So, I finally came back to 4s.


It can be a real bad luck for me, but 100% is too much for me. Apple, please think what customer wants on product. However, most of store agent were kind, but some are arrogant.


I know Apple is the one of biggest and great company, but if you doing like this, it can be an express way to lost your customer or value. I do love Apple, and I'm still using your devices. As a lover of my favorite company, don't let me down. If you have anything to know about my journey, just contact me any time.



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