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Finally!...My iphone5 can now send MMS with images

Ever since I purchased my iphone 5 from Vodafone I have not been able to send normal mms messages...imessages worked fine but only to other iphone users. After countless long calls to Vodafone Customer service, several visits to their stores, a replacement iphone 5 and a replacement sim, I could still not send normal mms messages...grrrrr.

Worst of all I was told by Vodafone that this was an 'unusual' problem...despite me telling them that numerous forums were inundated with iphone users having this problem.

So...after 3 hours going through all of the configurations with my techie at work I've finally cracked it!...this fix also worked for my son's iphone 5 and also my neighbour's iphone 5.  None of us were previously able to send mms messages with images.

The problem was not caused by a faulty sim, nor a faulty iphone...nor was it a vodafone network issue. The problem was a corrupted password and file tag which had been pre-set by vodafone.


Depending on which software you have on your iphone this is what you need to do:

IOS 6.0.1:

settings -> general -> mobile data -> mobile data network


mobile data

apn -

username - ***

password - ***



apn -

username - ***

password - ***


MMS Proxy -

MMS max message size - 307200


Reset Settings


Firstly, tap "Reset Settings"


Secondly, delete the 2 sets of 3 asterisks against username under mobile data and replace in both cases with the password 'wap'

Thirdly,  delete the 2 sets of 3 asterisks against username under MMS and replace in both cases with the password 'wap'

Finally, delete the figure of 307200 against MMS max message size (This will reset to 307200 but its important to delete it first)


Then with imessages turned off so that your iphone defaults to MMS, send a text message with an image attached (make sure it is not too large). Voila!.....all 3 phones that we have reset in this way can now successfully send MMS messages with images.


Don't forget to turn back on imessages after you have finished your test.


For 6.0.2 the procedure is the same except that initially you select general then Cellular then cellular data network


I'd be very interested to know how many people this fix works for.

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