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IPhone 5 suxxx or is it just ours?

Ok so I had a 4s as did my wife. I sync'd both of them to our Macbook before we went for our upgrade to a 5. When we got home I plugged my new 5 in and went to restore from last sync which came up on this crappy new Itunes as Jan 12, 2013. Are you kidding me?!?!?!? I was not in a position to disconnect and maybe mess up the new phone so I used this. As I don't add much I wasn't so disheartened as not much would be lost. Long story short...........NOTHING sync'd. I had NO apps, NO contacts, NO, music, no NOTHINGGGGG. The only thing that showed up was the photo I chose from my old photos to be my start menu pic yet it isn't in my photos as there are no photos. I lost everything and now I'm stressing out.


I went in to add my gmail acct and then I went to check email and nothing was there and said no acct setup. I went into mail preferences and the info I put in was there but still no email. I used gmail and tried exchange. I said I wanted it to sync all and it does nothing. My wife had basically them same problem.



Anyone have any ideas aside from this being broken?

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