Thứ Bảy, 2 tháng 3, 2013

quick song delete

Deleting a song when you are on the run seems to be cumbersome.  You have to back arrow to songs and then look for the song on a long list and if you don't know the exact name of the song it may be hard to find.  It's usually on the screen in the list, but NOT always.  And visually it's hard to see the little speaker which shows that the selection is playing, and then of course I know to side swipe and tap on red delete.


It seems counterintuitive or short sited if there is no way to much quicker delete a song, when driving or biking or walking with things in hands, I would like to be able to delete in a quick one step, not a three step that is highly dependent upon visualizing with such scrutiny.


Is there anything I'm missing?  Is there a quicker way to delete a song?





(iPhone 5)

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