Thứ Hai, 16 tháng 9, 2013

Huge battery percentage drops!


I noticed a problem that I have with my iPhone 5 (32gb) for 2 months now. At some random point after 60%, the battery drops to about 26% whenever I start Minion Rush, Springfield: Tapped Out, or any other app that does not come with the iPhone. Normally that is no big deal because the iphone seems to still have the 60%, but just keeps displaying me 26% for like the next 2-3 hours.


But lately my iPhone started dropping at other points. Just a few minutes ago it droppes from 44% to 0 (it shut down) after I opened the Simpsons Springfield app. Now I just plugged it in and after only 5 Minutes of charging it is showing the 44% again...


This is starting to get really annoying, espacially when I don't have the possibility to charge my phone during a trip; I basically have 50% battery life, because the rest drops randomly.


Does anyone have the same issue? Did anyone find a fix? I would appreciate some help!


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