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Looking for the perfect waterproof case

I want to use my iPhone 5 as a Navigation system (I've got the Navigon app, but may look at the Tom Tom App) on a motorcycle. My iPhone5 links with my BMW communication/audio system somewhat well (BMW has a bug that causes my iPhone not to connect unless I restart the engine 2-3 times...silly), so all I need to do is see the screen.


I've got the LifeProof Nuud case, which works really well, has one weakness. The lightning port isn't waterproof if I need to keep the phone powered. I have no idea how long the iPhone 5 will run on batteries with the Music and Navigon/TomTom apps running (probably 2 hours max, but who knows), so I need to power it.


I've looked and searched and looked some more, but I can't find a well made guaranteed water proof case that also gives you power and still remain waterproof. It may be impossible, but I'm hoping the Apple community has heard of one.


Of course, I ride my bike in Southern California, so rain isn't a major issue, but dust could be.

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