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Issues to sync Iphone 5 with Itunes

Hi everyone,


I am new on this community and as a Iphone's User. Can you guys help me with a sync problem?


Itunes is taking ages to recognize my device when I plug it on PC and while it is being recognized, I can not use any function of Itunes, because it keeps freezing. When the device is recognized, I start to sync it and I got the following errors:


  • Itunes keeps freezing while sync
  • I always got a message like this one when I am trying to backup ( Could not backup Iphone, because the backup session failed to start )
  • Sync takes forever. Yesterday its frozen trying to sync my apps ( Stopped at 14 of 25 apps )
  • It only synced a single music to my device, all other musics are gray colored, and take AGES to sync a single music.
  • Using other Sync apps like Syncios and Itools, I could manage the files more easily but still cant play the music on my device, because it is always gray colored.



What should I do? I am using a Core i5 with 8GB memory ram and Windows 7 Professional 64 bits. Should I try running Itunes on Windows 32 bits?



Thank you.

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