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Trying to sync voice memos I get "was not copied to the iphone because it could not be found"

I recorded some "voice memos" on my iPhone 5 (iOS 6.1.3). I now just want to get them onto my computer. I have followed the instruction from other posts and selected the "Include Voice Memo" checkbox and also the "Voice Memo Genre" checkbox located on the Music tab. I then click on Sync and get the following error ... "Some of the items in the iTunes library, including ----- were not copied to the iPhone because they could not be found". So I understand that the memos were not copied to the phone ... this is good since I already have then on the phone. I want, instead for them to be copied FROM the phone to the computer. So what's the problem I thought that SYNC'ing meant copying new files from the iPhone to the computer as well as vice versa.


The Voice Memo is toolarge for me to simply email to myself so I need to understand what is causing this so that I can get around it. I have noticed that when I attempt to "Organize Library" and check "Consolidate Files" (suggested by some forum somewhere) when I close the dialog box and sync again, that when I return to the "Consolidate Files" checkbox i see that has actually cleared itself and is no longer checked. I am not sure if this is related or not.


I have a very business recording that is on my iPhone and MUST get this audio off the phone ASAP. Any help would be appreciated.




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