Thứ Hai, 9 tháng 9, 2013

Iphone 5 charger not working?

Hello, my iphone 5 charger recently started doing the thing it does where if you have it at one angle, it will charge, but if you move it, it stops charging. I've read a lot about this and know that it's a thing that happens to basically all Apple users. It has completely stopped working all together and I need a new charger quick! I live NO where near an Apple store, so I can't bring it in and trade out or buy a new one.. So can I bring my old one to my carrier and trade in? Or just buy a whole new one? I don't have a phone to call the store,  1)Business hours are over right now 2)My phone is dead! I'm going to stop by tomorrow but I'd like to know before-hand so I don't walk in like a crazy person trying to buy a charger when I can't even buy one! If you have ever done this, please tell me what to do! And if not, where can I get a not-cheap one. (They're basically all cheap with this rate of damage) but you know what i mean!!

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