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iPhone 5 dock

Hey guys!

I've bought my 2nd Belkin iPhone 5 dock in a row. I need one at home and one at work but I still hate everything about it! The whole appearance, how it feels, how u use it. It's the ugliest thing on my whole desk! According to the fact that I'm going to rebuild my whole desk at home I'm looking for a new dock. I really need one because the Belkin one is so ugly that I wanna throw it to a wall every day! And additional to this the cable cable duct is just sh*t. Does anyone of you have a suggestion for me for a new dock? Maybe one that looks like the clear one's from apple for the older iPhones? I really can't understand that apple won't build one for the 5. It's rediculous. I don't need one of these sound docks or anything! At work I only need to sync my phone or to power it up and at home my phone is connected to my 36 y/o SABA amp so I don't need some of these small and bad speakers. I would love you for good suggestions. I like a clean docking station. No lights or special design needed. It just should work. Thanks to you all!


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