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iphone 5 iOS 6 screen dimming problem

I just purchased my new 64GB iPhone 6 from the AT&T store.  The phone works great, but I have one issue that pops up a few times a day.  The screen suddently dims to where the icons are barely visible.  Unlocking the screen or pressing any other button DOES NOT change the brightness.  However, when I navigate to the Brightness setting and touch the brightness slider the screen brightness immediately pops back to life.  I do not have the Auto-Brightness turned on.


I upgraded from a iPhone 4 with iOS 6 already loaded on it and I did not have this same issue on the iPhone least I don't recall having one.  When I purchased my new iPhone 5 I simply did a restore from the iPhone 4 backup.


Anyone else having this same problem?  If you did have the same problem and returned your phone for an exchange, did the new phone still have the same problems or not?  Any help would be appreciated.

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