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Why are my apple earpod's stopping my music from playing?

Well I barely started using thses since a month ago with my new iphone 5 and they work great recently about two weeks ago I plugged some cheap speakers in my iphone to play a song for a powerpoint presentation at work, and ever since it was working fine until a week ago when it would randomly stop my music from playing and I would have to press play for it to work again.I guess that if I moved the earphone plug a little it would stop the music from playing, I plugged it in my macbook and the same thing would happen but only on itunes, on youtube and pandora it didn't stop and worked fine. So what's the problem here? I never lay on my earpods and I take very great care of it I'm thinking about buying a new pair but it costs too much for me so I have no idea what to do  I don't think it's the lint in the pocket clogging up the earphones hole cause I clean it out everyweek, but if anyone has any idea or knows whats wrong, thanks!

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